Friday, 28 October 2011

The Story so Far, Part II

January 2011
The birth of Birth Order, started out as Balls to the Wall. The game really had loads of balls and a wall, so it was only natural.
The first thing to get implemented was the game mechanics, hold a button on the gamepad to shoot at the enemy with the same button-graphics attached to it. It works and I quite like it. The main bullets are homing as well, even better for us lazy-shmuppers.

Then the randomly generated maps went in. Got into a discussion regarding the Dungeon Quest board game (called Drakborgen in swedish) with a collegue at work, some time ago. Ever since then I wanted that kind of map in a game. I wanted hexagons from the start, just to be different.

Coming up with the different kind of board-tiles was a lot harder than I thought. It's a shmup, after all. So many of my original ideas actually went out of the window. Even a simple board-tile as a bonus-round didn't cut it.

In the picture you can see some stage-tiles as well as the locked tiles around the final antagonist. Also there's a life-up tile (the one with the plus sign in it) and a boss-tile, which is more of a single-enemy-tile than a boss-tile. I won't offend any real bosses by calling these bosses.

Coming up: Cards.

Monday, 24 October 2011

The Story so Far, Part I

Late 2008
Started work on the C64 game that was released in June 2009, Knight'n'Grail.
Music was made by Hans Axelsson and some complimentary graphics as well as the cover art was made by Håkon Repstad.
Wide Pixels is a reference to the160x200 resolution used by the C64 and other computers at the time.

I think it's fun, if I may say so myself.

Mid 2009
Started work on the follow up to KnG. Was supposed to be in a different genre, but the sprite-routine ended up taking too much raster time that I put the game on hold.
Music by Hans again, all gfx by me.

Whole of 2010
A blur. Started on KnG3, the follow up that should have been in the same genre as the original.
Graphics by Håkon Repstad.

Due to tons of other stuff, like every day life, this was put on hold as well.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

First Entry!

This will be a good place to be posting mockups and screen shots and other things I work on.

Stay tuned!