Friday, 28 October 2011

The Story so Far, Part II

January 2011
The birth of Birth Order, started out as Balls to the Wall. The game really had loads of balls and a wall, so it was only natural.
The first thing to get implemented was the game mechanics, hold a button on the gamepad to shoot at the enemy with the same button-graphics attached to it. It works and I quite like it. The main bullets are homing as well, even better for us lazy-shmuppers.

Then the randomly generated maps went in. Got into a discussion regarding the Dungeon Quest board game (called Drakborgen in swedish) with a collegue at work, some time ago. Ever since then I wanted that kind of map in a game. I wanted hexagons from the start, just to be different.

Coming up with the different kind of board-tiles was a lot harder than I thought. It's a shmup, after all. So many of my original ideas actually went out of the window. Even a simple board-tile as a bonus-round didn't cut it.

In the picture you can see some stage-tiles as well as the locked tiles around the final antagonist. Also there's a life-up tile (the one with the plus sign in it) and a boss-tile, which is more of a single-enemy-tile than a boss-tile. I won't offend any real bosses by calling these bosses.

Coming up: Cards.

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