Friday, 11 November 2011

The Story so Far, Part III


Is a large part of the gameplay in Birth Order.
During a stage some of the enemies will drop cards for you to pick up. These cards can be "played" during the map mode.

  • Tip, gives you hints to the game play and guides to what to do.
  • Experience Boost, same as collecting a certain number of stars
  • Shield, you get to take 3 or 5 hits depending on what shiled you got
  • Smart Bomb, gets activated when you get hit, once
  • Berzerk, you get hyper active and more poweful
  • Map, reveals a bit of the map so you can plan your journey
  • Key, opens one of the locks around the antagonist.
Most of the cards played will last during the next stage, like the Shield and Smart Bomb, while the Map and Key is fired off instantly.

There're los of more cards to discover. There's a special type of card that is crucial for the (true) completion of the game as well...

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